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Now Hiring Hot Oil Operators AND Water Haulers

Work at Busy Bee's!

Great Company. Great Pay. Great Benefits.

Hot Oil Trucks

Hot oil trucks are equipped to service any of the surrounding operations

A Veteran Owned and Managed Company

Work ethic is at our core.  We get the job done with exceptional expectations.

Job Specialization

Trained & Licensed for any project. From acid jobs to invert heating Busy Bee's has an answer.

Serving the Bakken

Locally owned and operated to fulfill the needs of our customers, we will approach every job no matter how large or small with 100% commitment.


Our Services


Hot Oil Trucking

Oil Patch

Water Hauling

We Are Hiring!

Looking for the perfect career?  Busy Bee's is currently hiring for multiple positions.  Apply now to start your journey!


Our Community


Outreach Programs

Busy Bee's locally sponsor multiple community outreach programs.   We pride ourselves on giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

  • Williston State College - Teton Booster Club
  • Trenton High School - Booster Club
  • Bras For A Cause
  • Williston Community Builders
  • and other various local charities and fundraisers.